Services for Buyers

The brokers and agents of Alamo have had bottom-line responsibilities… we have started our own companies, raised venture capital, bought, sold, restructured and divested companies and divisions.  We identify closely with both sellers and buyers, as we have the first-person background, bringing experience, extensive training and insight into the complex equation of ownership transfers.

Alamo is primarily a seller representative BUT in order to close a transaction, most buyers must be able to properly approach a lender and negotiate a loan. Almost every buyer we work with believes they are capable of doing this, but our experience has been that unless Alamo or a packaging service manages the process the buyer will not be successful in obtaining the loan.  Alamo does not raise money for buyers, but we do package loans properly which results in financing that many buyers can not obtain without assistance.

Alamo will occasionally do acquisition searches for high net worth individuals and private equity groups.