Services for Sellers

The brokers and agents of Alamo have had bottom-line responsibilities… we have started our own companies, raised venture capital, bought, sold, restructured and divested companies and divisions. We identify closely with both sellers and buyers as we have the first person background, bringing experience, extensive training and insight into the complex equation of ownership transfers.

Working with the seller Alamo will evaluate the business opportunity utilizing our proprietary business financing model. This model considers the type of financing and business structure used by the majority of buyers and lending institutions for small business transactions. Our model provides what we believe the venture will sell for, given the current market and if the buyer is a typical financial buyer.

After executing a listing agreement, Alamo will review with the seller copies of the Documents that we use to qualify Buyers, control the confidentiality of the transaction, and report to the seller the contacts that we make on the seller’s behalf. These Documents are respectively Buyer Profile, Confidentiality Agreement and Status Report.

Next, working with the owners, Alamo will prepare the detail marketing package that we refer to as the Confidential Business Review and the Executive Summary that Alamo will use to market the business.

Alamo will market the company through various methods that will maximize the potential for a sale. There are many steps in the process, some of which are outlined in the publication “Valuing and Selling Your Business” that is available from Alamo. Request a copy of the guidebook.

The final steps of the process are the most difficult; they are where an experienced intermediary will make a transaction happen. Deal making and closing require not just agreement between buyer and seller but also from the buyer’s financial advisors, legal advocates and the seller’s legal, financial and tax advisors.