Don Hankins joined The National Propane Gas Association

Don Hankins joined The National Propane Gas Association

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January 2017: Don Hankins, President of Alamo Corporate Group and Co-founder and principal of The Oil and Gas Advisor joined The National Propane Gas Association.  The National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) is the national trade association representing the U.S. propane industry. Its membership includes small businesses and large corporations engaged in the retail marketing of propane gas and appliances; producers and wholesalers of propane equipment; manufacturers and distributors of propane gas appliances and equipment; fabricators of propane gas cylinders and tanks; and propane transporters.

With a membership of approximately 2,800 companies in all 50 states, 38 affiliated state or regional associations, and members in 19 foreign countries, NPGA represents every segment of the propane industry.

Hankins  is President of Alamo Corporate Group and Co-Founder and Principal of The Oil and Gas Advisor.  He has devoted much of his professional career to assisting buyers and sellers of  businesses.    With over 50 years of experience, he is a seasoned professional M&A broker and advisor in business sales & acquisitions of mid-market companies.

Additional information is available from Hankins  by telephoning (817) 615-8393 ext 102,  or via Email.  You can view his profile on LinkedIn.  He is available to the news media as a source of information or comments regarding propane, mergers and acquisitions, and sales of closely held businesses, and the market for them.

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Alamo Corporate Group  brokers and advisors have field proven success in selling many types of  industry businesses.  For over 30 years, their professionals have been quietly “retiring millionaires” with confidential services for business sellers and buyers.  For more see

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