Don Hankins

Don Hankins
Principal Broker


Don founded Alamo Corporate Group in 1995. Since that time, Don has been instrumental in personally representing buyers and sellers in over 100 business transactions.  Before Alamo Corporate Group, Don was a C-level executive in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, he founded a propane company that grew to be one of the 50 largest with 4 years and was ultimately merged with a publicly traded company. His business brokerage experience combined with his previous experience as a C-level executive and as a successful business owner in three separate industries enables Don to provide potential buyers and sellers the necessary mix of knowledge and experience to successfully secure the best deal.

Buying a business or selling your existing business is an extremely important decision.  Don brings valuable knowledge of the business brokerage process, as well as overall knowledge of business operations, business finances and business valuation.  When partnering with Don, you gain someone who has a strong knowledge of the process which includes:

  • Overall knowledge of the business brokerage process
  • Knowing where and how to find buyers or sellers that best represent his client’s goals
  • Knowing how to finance the transaction so it is most advantageous for his client
  • In depth knowledge of the due diligence process to execute a successful transaction

In order to maintain focus, Don only works with a few clients at any particular time. The best deals for clients are discovered and completed through diligence, knowledge and hard work on behalf of his clients. By focusing on only a few, Don is able to be more involved with each client.

Don is a business graduate from the University of Arkansas. He is a member of numerous professional organizations and a nationally and internationally known author and instructor for the IBBA (International Business Brokers Association). Memberships in these organizations dramatically increase the scope of the network required for successful brokerage transactions. Don’s professional designations include:

  • Certified Business Intermediary (IBBA)
  • Fellow of the IBBA
  • Board Certified Broker (TABB)
  • Certified Business Counselor (ICBC)
  • Machinery & Equipment Analyst (SBA)
  • Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA)
  • Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA)
  • Business Certified Appraiser (BCA)

Don has complied with the requirements of the various certifying organizations of which he is a member and has completed courses for license maintenance, re-certification and/or continuing educational requirements. The CMEA designation (Certified Machinery/Equipment Appraiser) was awarded to Mr. Hankins by the NEBB Institute. CMEAs are located throughout the United States and several foreign countries, and are used by banks, other lending institutions, CPAs, attorneys, business buyers/sellers and others to provide needed financial information for a variety of reasons.

Professional Associations:

    • Texas Association of Business Brokers (TABB) – Served on Board of Directors
    • International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) – Served on Board of Directors
    • M&A Source
    • International Society of Business Appraisers
    • NEBB Institute
    • Institute of Certified Business Counselors (ICBC) – Served on Board of Directors
    • Alliance of Mergers and Acquisitions Advisors (AMAA)
    • Society of Business Analyst (SBA)